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vigor (s) (noun), vigors (pl)
An active strength of body and mind; mental energy, enthusiasm, and determination: Since his first novel was so successful, Monroe started his new novel with even more vigor and eagerness than he did before.

Frank defended his objectives for the modifications of the construction project with vigor and forcefulness.

Being active with mental or physical strength, vitality, and energy.
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(Latin: animating, enlivening; vigorous, vigor, active; to be alive, activity, to quicken; then a quickening action of growing; a specific sense of "plant cultivated for food, edible herb, or root" is first recorded in 1767; the differences between the meanings from its original links with "life, liveliness" was completed in the early twentieth century, when vegetable came to be used for an "inactive person".)
(Latin: strength, force, vigor; vital force; energy)
(Latin: liveliness, activity; active strength; feeling strong)
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Vigor aetatis fluit ut flos veris.
The vigor of our days passes like a flower of the spring.

A reference to youth.

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Declaring cancer beaten, president shows off vigor ahead of tough election.
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An intense mental or physical force or strength with vitality and energy. (1)