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1. Food or other provisions.
2. Etymology: from Old French vitaille, from Latin victualia (which later influenced the English spelling); from victus, "livelihood, food"; from vivere, "to live".
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victual, virtual
victual (VIT'l) (noun)
Food usable by people: "Charles Dickens' characters in his novels were often quite poor and were happy to have at least one victual in their bags."
virtual (VUR choo uhl) (adjective)
1. Very close to being something without actually being it: "Her winning the competition is a virtual certainty."
2. Existing or occurring on computers or on the internet: "You can browse anytime through the stores on the internet and do virtual shopping for books, clothing, CDs, and many other items."

In the virtual reality cooking program on TV, she watched the preparation of her favorite victual.