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via dolorosa (vee" uh doh" luh ROH suh; vigh" uh doh" luh ROH suh) (proper noun)
1. The road of pain, sadness, or sorrow: The Via Dolorosa was the road that Jesus followed on the way to His crucifixion, therefore a succession of painful experiences one may go through for the benefit of others.
2. A distressing or painful journey or process: The severe winter made traveling and living via dolorosa for many people.
3. A difficult course or experience: The lexicographer was proceeding via dolorosa in his efforts to improve and to revolutionize the contents of his on-line dictionary for the users of the world.

4. Etymology: from Latin via dolorosa; literally, "painful path" or "painful way"; Latin via, "road" + dolorosa, "sorrowful".