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vexillum (vek SIGHL uhm) (s) (noun), vexilla (pl)
Ancient Roman vexillum flag image 1. In ancient Rome, a military standard or flag; or the troops serving under a separate standard; especially, a company of privileged veterans connected with a legion: The vexillum on the right is an illustration of a military banner of Roman times.
2. A banneret or a pennant: Karl was an avid collector of vexilla from many countries.
3. In Roman antiquity, a square flag, hanging transversely from the end of a spear by a wooden crosspiece, used especially by the cavalry: Again, such a vexillum is shown on the right.
4. In botany, the large upper posterior petal in a pea flower: The vexillum in a plant is also called the "banner" or the "standard".
5. In some ecclesiastical situations, a processional standard, banner, or cross: The following image is the Vatican City flag which is an example of a Catholic or church vexillum.
An ecclesiastical or Vatican City flag.
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Vexilla regis prodeunt. (Latin composition)
Translation: "The banners of the king come forth" is the title of a hymn on the Passion of Christ, written by Vanantius Fortunatus, bishop of Poitiers (died about A.D. 600) and assigned to Vespers during Passiontide.

Vexilla regis prodeunt,

Fulget crucis mysterium,

Qua vita mortem pertulit

Et morta vitam protulit.

Abroad the royal banners fly

And bear the gleaming Cross on high-

That Cross whereon Life suffered death

And gave us life with dying breath.

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