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vexation (vek SAY shuhn) (s) (noun), vexations (pl)
1. The state of being provoked to irritability or anxiety: The severe winter weather was causing vexations for the people because it was causing so many delays and accidents.
2. The fact of being mentally troubled or distressed by someone who, or something which, brings on annoyances, irritations, dissatisfactions, or disappointments: Ingrid's husband was causing her vexations because of his addiction to gambling and losing so much money which was needed for the family's living expenses.

After several unsuccessful attempts to start her car, Mildred swore in vexation and used her cell phone to call an emergency car service to come and help her get the car running again.

3. The injury or damage that is suffered as a result of the tricks performed by another person: The vexation caused by Jane’s money and other valuables being stolen by a pickpocket while she was at a train station motivated her to go to the police and to report the crime to them.
The act of irritating, a state of being annoyed.
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A condition in which a person is being mentally troubled or distressed by something. (1)