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vex (VEKS) (verb), vexes; vexed; vexing
1. To make another person annoyed or upset: Jimmy was vexing his sister by refusing to let her see the TV program that she wanted to watch.
2. To cause someone anxiety or distress; to agitate: The delay in the arrival of the bus was vexing Jane because it just made her late for her appointment with the dentist.
3. To confuse or to puzzle other people: The inadequate information about words in many dictionaries has vexed many users over the years.
4. In law, to harass, to disquiet, to annoy; as by repeated litigation upon the same facts: Karen's lawyer accused the mayor who had vexed his former secretary of releasing secret information to the local newspaper.
5. Etymology: from Latin vexare, "to shake, to agitate, to injure".
To irritate, to annoy, to distress.
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To exasperate, to provoke, or to torment someone. (1)
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vexat-, vex-
Latin: Latin: to annoy, to irritate; to bother; an agitation; a shaking, a jolting, a shocking situation; in this unit.