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1. Someone who is skilled in, or professionally occupied with, the medical and surgical treatment of cattle and domestic animals; a veterinary surgeon.
2. A reference to a doctor who treats animals.
3. Etymology: from 1646, formed in English (perhaps by influence of French veterinaire) from Latin veterinarius, "of or having to do with beasts of burden"; also, "cattle doctor", from veterinum, "beast of burden", maybe from vetus,"old"; possibly from the notion of being "experienced", or being "one year old"; hence, strong enough to pull burdens.

Another theory connects it to Latin, vehere "to draw, to pull", based on the notion of "used as a draft animal".

A sign seen in a veterinarian’s office:
The doctor is in. Sit! Stay!
—Paul Harvey, radio broadcast, December 2, 1996.
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