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vestige (s) (noun), vestiges (pl)
1. An indication or suggestion that something was present in the past: The vestiges of the footprints in the sand gave the biologist hints that a large turtle had crawled on the beach during the night.
2. An insignificant trace or amount of something: It was obvious that the politician had only a vestige or a fragment of truth in his speeches and so he never had a chance of being elected.

There is not a vestige of factual data in the woman's accusation that she was mistreated by her supervisor when he asked her to correct several errors in the letter that she typed.

3. Etymology: from French vestige, "a mark, a trace, a sign", from Latin vestigium, "footprint, trace".
An indication that something is gone or has disappeared.
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A visible trace or evidence of an incident that has taken place before.
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Evidence that something was present in the past, but is gone now or has disappeared. (2)