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vertiginous (adjective), more vertiginous, most vertiginous
1. A reference to causing or likely to cause a feeling of dizziness and disorientation; especially because of great heights: Those who want to be pilots are tested for susceptibility to vertiginous reactions before they can train to be members of the flying profession.

As a first time passenger in an aircraft, Jacob was overcome with a sudden vertiginous sensation as the plane went up into the sky.

2. Etymology: from Latin vertiginosus, "dizzy"; from Latin vertigo, "turning, twisting" and related to vertere, "to turn".
Whirling, dizzy, giddy, or revolving.
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Turning around and around, causing dizziness.
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Revolving around and around and so becoming dizzy.
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Descriptive of something that causes or is likely to cause dizziness and disorientation; especially, because of great heights. (3)