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version (VUHR zhuhn) (s) (noun), versions (pl)
1. A description or particular account of something from one point of view; especially, as opposed to another one: Jan's version of what happened at the car accident was contrary to what Jim had said.

The TV presentation is a watered-down version of what was shown in the movie.

2. A translation from one language to another: A German version of Manfred's novel will be published in English in the near future.
3. A special form or variation of something: Most people preferred the movie version more than the book version of the novel.
A point of view or a special report provided by an individual or group.
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A report or variation of something that is different from what someone or anything else has presented. (1)
(phrases or Bible quotations that are derived directly from the King Jame's version of the Bible many of which are direct quotations)
(a re-writing of the classical story with excessive wordiness)