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verbal (adjective)
1. Dealing in or with words, especially with mere words in contrast to things or realities: "The new job requires someone with strong verbal skills."
2. Using many words; talkative, verbose; ready to use words: "Sometimes she is just too verbal and never seems to know when to stop talking."
3. Interested in, attending to, the mere words of a literary composition: "His composition turned out to be full of clever verbal expressions."
4. Consisting or composed of words; also, of or pertaining to, manifested in, words: "They had a verbal agreement to start the project."
5. In diplomacy, a verbal note is an unsigned note or memorandum sent as a mere reminder of some matter not of immediate importance.
6. Verbal diarrhea, a tendency to talk too much; extreme verbosity.
7. Concerned with, affecting or involving, words only, without touching things or realities.
8. Finding expression in words only, without being manifested in action.
9. A reference to something that expressed or conveyed by speech instead of writing; stated or delivered by word of mouth; oral.
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verbal (s), verbals (pl) (noun forms)
1. A statement, specifically a damaging admission, alleged to have been made by a suspected criminal and offered in evidence against him at a trial: "He admitted in his verbal to the arresting officer that he did break into the restaurant after it was closed and stole food."
2. A noun, or other part of speech, derived from a verb; for example, a form of a verb ending in "-ing" used as a noun: "Dancing" as in "she teaches dancing."

Nouns like "walking" and "sleeping," as well as adjectives like "bored" and "exhausted" are verbals.

  • "Walking was difficult in this heat."
  • "Sleeping was the only cure for his exhaustion."
  • "He was told that exhausted was no excuse for driving off into the ditch."
  • "Bored was one reason for going home before the end of the concert."
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verbal agraphia
Agraphia (a mental inability to write properly) in which single letters can be written, but not words.
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