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veracity (s) (noun), veracities (pl)
1. The honesty or truthfulness of a person when expressing herself or himself: When Mr. Jones, the candidate for mayor of the town, was giving his speech, his veracity was questioned by many of the listeners.
2. Correctness or accuracy of the facts: When fictional stories or novels are written, veracity is certainly not one of the most important elements or aspects presented!
3. Etymology: from Latin veracis, "truthful" from verus "true."
The conformity to the truth.
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veracity, voracity
veracity (vuh RAS i tee) (noun)
1. Truth or accuracy: "They had to question the veracity of his remarks regarding the accident."
2. The quality of being truthful or honest: "The lawyer hoped the jury wouldn't doubt the veracity of the witness."
voracity (vaw RAY shuhs, vuh RAY shuhs) (noun)
The quality or state of having or showing a tendency to eat very large amounts of food or to consume or to desire large amounts of something; such as, knowledge: "His voracity was demonstrated by his greedy behavior at the dinner table."

The voracity of his mind to read and to absorb new information was matched by the veracity of his essays which were written in lucid or easy to understand prose.