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veracious (adjective), more veracious, most veracious
1. Relating to someone who is truthful and honest: Toby was known to be most veracious and gave an exact account of how the accident happened.
2. A reference to something which is accurate and precise, as in an account or story: The veracious statement June told the judge was proven to be totally accurate.
3. Etymology: from Latin verus, "true" + -ous, "having, full of."
Characteristic of meaning what is stated.
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Referring to saying what is really meant.
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Descriptive of being truthful.
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veracious, voracious
veracious (vuh RAY shuhs) (adjective)
Observant of the truth; habitually speaking the truth: "I always trusted her veracious behavior towards me."
voracious (vaw RAY shuhs, vuh RAY shuhs) (adjective)
Having or showing a tendency to consume large quantities of food, knowledge, etc.: "My son has such a voracious appetite that I have to go grocery shopping everyday!"

The student's voracious appetite for knowledge resulted in his veracious statements to the librarian about the books he borrowed.