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vending, venting
vending (VEND ing) (verb)
To sell by means of a machine that sells items for money or by peddling: "He was vending more wholesome food than the others."
venting (VENT ing) (VEND ing) (verb)
1. To express (one's thoughts or feelings, for example), especially forcefully; usually in a loud or angry manner: "She was venting her frustrations by yelling at the driver who suddenly cut in front of her car."
2. To release or to discharge (steam, for example) through an opening: "We were venting the fumes from the chemical mixture by opening the windows."

The woman found herself venting her anger when the vending machine took her money and didn't even give her the bag of chips that she wanted.

vent (verb), vents; vented; venting
1. To express one's feelings or emotions: Susan called up her best friend to vent her anger of how her brother treated her unfairly.
2. To present a person's complaints: Jan vented her displeasure to the store's sale's department because she wanted her money back for the dress which she purchased that didn't fit her daughter properly.
3. To air out something or expose it to fresh air: Jackie hung out her dress to vent it in the cool breeze.
4. Etymology: from Latin ventus, "wind".
Publicly expressing one's grievance.
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