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ventilator (s) (noun), ventilators (pl)
1. A machine that keeps air moving in and out of the lungs of a patient: A ventilator was used to enable Janet to breathe sufficiently because she could not breathe independent of it.
2. A device that circulates fresh air in an enclosed space: Not only did the ventilator provide fresh air in the room, but it also removed the stale or noxious air.
3. An apparatus used for ventilation: Carol used a fan as a ventilator and it produced an air flow and circulated air currents around the room so that she didn't feel so hot.
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tank ventilator (s) (noun), tank ventilators (pl)
An apparatus for artificial ventilation of a patient who has weak or paralyzed respiratory muscles: A tank ventilator consists of a rigid tank which encloses the body from the neck down.

Changes of pressure of air within the tank ventilator bring about inspiration and expiration.

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