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ventilate (verb), ventilates; ventilated; ventilating
1. To supply a room, or other enclosed space, with fresh air or a current of air: Because the room hadn't been used in a long time, it needed to be ventilated in order to replace the stale air with fresh air from outside.
2. To provide an enclosed space with a vent or other means of letting fresh air in and stale air out: The room was furnished with an opening, or was ventilated, in order for the old air to escape from the stuffy room.
3. To expose something to moving fresh air in order to dry, cool, or preserve it: The clothes from the trunk with moth balls had to be ventilated a long time to get rid of the odor!
4. To oxygenate, or to aerate, the blood through the blood vessels of the lungs: Old Mrs. Smith had to be ventilated with a mechanical breathing device.
Etymology: "to blow away something" (as in the wind); from Latin ventilatus, past participle of ventilare, "to brandish, to toss in the air, to winnow, to fan, to agitate, to set in motion"; from ventulus, "a breeze" a diminutive of ventus, "wind".
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