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1. Poisonous.
2. Pertaining to animals or insects that have venom-secreting glands.
3. Secreting venom; poisonous.
4. Malicious; full of malice, spite, or extreme hostility.
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venomous, venous, Venus
venomous (VEN uh muhs) (adjective)
Capable of putting poison or venom into another animal's body usually by biting or stinging it: "Sometimes a bee sting can be venomous for some people and has to be treated immediately."
venous (VEE nuhs) (adjective)
Full of or characterized by veins, veiny: "The venous tissue was being examined by the doctor."
Venus (VEE nuhs) (noun)
1. The planet that is second in order from the sun: "Venus is the planet that you can often see close to the moon on clear nights."
2. The Roman goddess of beauty and love: "When in Rome, I saw a beautiful statue of the goddess Venus."

In her youth, she was compared to Venus; however, with age, her legs became very venous. The dramatic change in her looks gave rise to venomous gossip.