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vengeance (VEN juhns) (s) (noun), vengeances (pl)
1. Infliction of punishment in return for a wrong committed; retribution: Angry protestors in the country want to inflict vengeance on the president for sending snipers to shoot and to kill so many rebels who were demonstrating against the government.

Henry attacked his sister's husband to get vengeance for her murder.

2. With great force or effort: The winter storm struck with a vengeance, destroying many trees and homes.

Sharon set to work with a vengeance and finished her assignment in three hours instead of the usual eight hours.

3. Etymology: from Anglo-French vengeaunce, Old French vengeance, "revenge"; from vengier, "to take revenge"; from Latin vindicare, "to set free, to claim, to avenge".
Punishment inflicted in return for an offense or injury.
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Infliction of punishment on another person in return for a wrong that he or she committed; retribution. (1)