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venal, venial, vernal
venal (VEE nuhl) (adjective)
Willing to do dishonest things in return for money; being corrupt: The venal banker was soon discharged from his position.
venial (VEE nee uhl, VEEN yuhl) (adjective)
Not serious, forgivable: Evelyn was forgiven for her venial mistake of accusing her brother of taking her pen, which was not true.
vernal (VUR nuhl) (adjective)
Of, relating to, or occurring in the spring: The narcissuses outside the family's living room window are in their vernal bloom.

The little girl was so enchanted by the vernal greenness of the garden that she committed a venial act of picking the flowers.

The house and garden belonged to a stranger whom the neighbors thought of as venal because there were rumors that he had been arrested for committing fraud.