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vehemently (adverb), more vehemently, most vehemently
1. Characterized by coming from or marked by impetuosity of feeling or passion; unusually ardent: Harriet vehemently denied being at the site of the car crash last night.
2. A descriptive reference to actions with great force or energy; violent; furious: The rain beat vehemently against the windows of the house during the thunder storm.
3. Etymology: some sources state that the "ultimate origin is uncertain"; however, The Barnhart Dictionary of Etymology indicates that it is probably before 1425, from Middle French vehement, "impetuous, ardent"; perhaps from an earlier wehemenos, "carrying oneself, rushing"; from vehere, "to carry"; and Klein's Comprehensive Etymological Dictionary of the English Language by Dr. Ernest Klein, states that its literal meaning of "rushing" came from vehere, "to carry, to convey".
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