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vault, volt
vault (VAWLT) (noun)
1. An arched structure that forms a ceiling or roof: "All the tourists gazed at the vault of the cathedral before continuing their tour of the church."
2. A locked room where money or valuable things are kept: "I had never been in the bank vault before."
vault (VAWLT) (verb)
To jump over something, especially to jump over something by using your hands or a pole to push yourself upward: "He was able to vault over the fence easily."
volt (VOHLT) (noun)
1. A unit for measuring the force of an electrical current: "Do you have a nine-volt battery that I could use?"
2. A quick jump or movement during fencing to avoid a thrust: "The fencing master taught the students how to use the volt so their opponents couldn't score."

When the man was exploring the ancient vault under the market square, he carried a nine volt battery for his portable light so he could see if he needed to vault over the broken stones.

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(Latin: arch; vault)
(Latin: chamber; from Greek kamara, anything with a vaulted or arched cover; a vault, arched ceiling, or roof)
(Greek: heaven [s], vault of heaven; hence "the sky"; from Uranus, the god of the sky; in medicine, the palate, roof, or top of the mouth)
(Greek: roof of the mouth; literally, "little vault of heaven")
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fornix pharyngis, fornix of pharynx, vault of pharynx
The extreme upper part of the pharynx (the passage to the stomach and lungs; in the front part of the neck below the chin and above the collarbone).
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