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variorum (noun); variora, variorums (pl)
1. A publication of the works of an author with notes by various scholars or editors: A variorum is considered to be the written production of a classical author with comments by a variety of editors or those who have made summaries about the contents of the original writer.
2. An edition containing various versions of a text.
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Editio cum notis variorum.
An edition with the notes of various people.

An edition of a literary text, called a variorum edition, that offers variant readings of the text as well as notes and commentaries by scholars. This refers to a compendium edition of an author's work that includes scholarly interpretations, criticism, source materials, variant readings; several versions of Hamlet exist, for example, and other related and pertinent information.

"The edition of the history book which belonged to the library was an Editio cum notis variorum with many notations in the margins by previous owners."