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variation (s) (noun), variations (pl)
(Greek > Latin: a suffix; action, act, process, state, or condition; or result of doing something)
(Latin: a suffix that means "able to [be]"; a variation of -ability)
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different variation *
This entry is located in the following unit: Pleonasms or Tautological Redundancies (page 6)
geomagnetic secular variation, secular variation (s) (noun); geomagnetic secular variations; secular variations (pl)
In geophysics, the changes in the Earth's magnetic field: Such geomagnetic secular variations occur over hundreds of years and are caused by internal changes in the Earth or a variation of any field or parameter which occurs over hundreds of years.
This entry is located in the following units: geo-, ge- + (page 14) vari- (page 1)
geomagnetic variation (s) (noun), geomagnetic variations (pl)
Any change that happens to the geomagnetic field: A geomagnetic variation can be temporal or short-time changes in the geomagnetic field, both long-term (secular) and short-term (transient).