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variance (s) (noun), variances (pl)
1. A change that takes place or occurs in something: The variance of the interest rate on Steven’s savings account at the bank showed 1,0% in January and only 0.5% in June!
2. The difference between two or more things: Joe and his wife noticed a variance in the quality of fabric of the curtains they were interested in buying; one was very thin, translucent, and light weight; while the other one was heavier, quite densely woven, and kept the daylight out.
3. A disagreement of ideas or attitudes: The building project was being delayed because of variances of opinions between the supervisors about how to proceed to the next phase.
4. An official decision or document which allows a person to do something that is not normally allowed in legal procedures: Mario had to obtain a variance from the court to connect a garage onto his house.

If there is evidence by a plaintiff which does not agree with the allegations by legal authorities, it is considered to be a legal variance.

5. Etymology: from French via Latin variatia, "a difference, a diversity"; from variantem, "a change".
A discord and a lack of harmony because of disagreements.
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A different opinion or a dispute about an issue.
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A dispute regarding what is the right decision or a lack of harmony among people. (2)