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vaporous (adjective), more vaporous, most vaporous
1. Consisting of, referring to, or producing moisture in the air: There was a thick vaporous fog covering the valley which made driving difficult.
2. Lacking material existence or permanence: The ghost that appeared to Martin on Halloween, which is a celebration of mystery, ghosts, etc., had a green and vaporous appearance as it floated across the parking lot.
3. Of a fanciful, a ridiculous, or an implausible nature: Helen's vaporous personality was charming most of the time; however, sometimes it was difficult for her husband to determine when she was really being serious.
Full of vapor; that is, foggy, misty, unsubstantial, and fanciful.
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Referring to something that is without a material existence or permanence; relating to a fanciful, a ridiculous, or an implausible or unrealistic situation. (1)