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vagrant (s) (noun), vagrants (pl)
1. A roamer who has no permanent place to live: During the very cold conditions of the winter, Rufus, the vagrant, sought protection in a shelter for homeless people.
2. Those who never stay in one place for very long: Traveling in caravans, Dudley and the other vagrants moved from one place to another one.
3. Anyone who is guilty of the legal offense of living on the streets and, in some jurisdictions, begging: The police arrested Zelda, the vagrant, for the night because she was observed begging on the streets.
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vagrant (adjective), more vagrant, most vagrant
1. Descriptive of someone who wanders from place to place and lacks any means of financial resources: The part of the city which evidently attracted vagrant activity of very poor people was on the other side of the river.
2. A reference to being wayward or unrestrained in what one does or thinks: Allison’s vagrant behavior upset her parents very much; so, she went to her bedroom and locked the door so they couldn't get in and bother her!
Descriptive of wandering or not having a fixed course or aim.
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(Greek: a person who crouches; than extended to a beggar, poor; paupers; modernized meanings: street people, homeless, vagrant, living in poverty)
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Relating to going or wandering from place to place; mentally thinking about this and that with no fixed purpose or objective. (1)