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vacuity (s) (noun), vacuities (pl)
1. A situation in which something is without content and empty: One can see the vacuity of the cloudy night which is void of any stars or moon.
2. Absence of thought or intelligence: The drunk obviously has a mind of undeniable vacuity and a total lack of awareness.
3. A time or state of dullness, the lack of mental or physical action or productivity: The sleeping couple are now in a condition of vacuity for the night.
4. An empty space; void: The geologists found a vacuity in the earth which was formed by erosion.
5. Something senseless or stupid: The people at the party continued the evening in their useless and unintelligent conversations that were full of vacuities.
6. Etymology: from Latin vacuitas, from vacuus, "empty."
An empty space or void of something.
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