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vacant (VAY kuhnt) (adjective)
1. Having no contents; empty; void: "The trunk in the basement was vacant."
2. Having no occupant or tenant; unoccupied: "There were several vacant seats on the train."

"By the end of the game, the stadium was almost vacant."

"William, do you know of a vacant apartment in this neighborhood?"

3. Devoid of thought or reflection: "Henry had a vacant mind after he heard the politician ranting and raving."
4. Characterized by, showing, or proceeding from lack of thought or intelligence: "Fay has a vacant expression on her face."

"People gave vacant stares at the guys who were arguing with each other on the side of the street."

5. Not occupied by an incumbent, official, or the like.
6. Free from work, business, activity, etc.: "Jack and Jane have a few vacant hours before the next project is started."

"Since retiring, Marie's father has had a lot of vacant time on his hands."

7. Devoid or destitute (often followed by of): "Hank was vacant of human sympathy for the beggar."
8. Having no tenant and devoid of furniture, fixtures, etc.: "It was a vacant house."

"William, do you know of a vacant apartment in this neighborhood?"

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(Latin: unoccupied, vacant; related to vacuus, "empty")