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usage (s) (noun), usages (pl)
1. A custom or tradition: The practice or usage of putting up a Christmas tree at Christmas time is quite common in many countries.
2. The act of employing something; the established custom of using language and contexts correctly: The usage of your debit card is really important in many aspects of life.

If G√ľnter in Germany wants to use the correct words in his English essay, he should consult a good book on English usage.

This entry is located in the following units: -age (page 3) us-, ut- (page 2)
(books that have served as sources of information for the compilations of the various calendar histories and modern usages of several chronological topics)
(completed units of words that contain word entries that have both enhanced definitions and appropriate usages in context sentences while units of compositions presents additional information about specific words or topics)
(avoid redundancies or excessive repetitiousness by not using unnecessary repetitions and superfluous words or more word usages than is needed, desired, or required)