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usable (adjective), more usable, most usable
1. Suitable and good enough to employ or to put into service; serviceable: The hedge trimmer was still usable although it hadn't been sharpened in the past year.
2. Operable; functional: Clive's car was usable because it had been repaired at the garage the other day.
3. Practical and convenient for utilizing: The classroom was large enough to be usable by all the students with enough desks for everyone.
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usable, useful
usable (YOO zuh buhl) (adjective)
Capable of being employed or in good enough condition to be employed: The antique coffee grinder was still quite usable and Jack utilized it to grind his coffee every morning for breakfast.
useful (YOOS fuhl) (adjective)
Regarding something which helps to do or to achieve a purpose: It is quite useful to type texts on the computer because, for one thing, correcting mistakes is much easier.

Please make yourself useful. You can wash the kitchen utensils which are very usable even though they are old.

(unusual water recycling device is revealed)