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start-up, start-ups; upstart, upstarts
start-up (START uhp") (verb)
The act or process of setting into operation or motion: "They were looking to start-up a new business and were looking for start-up money."
start-ups (START uhps") (noun)
1. Businesses or undertakings that have recently started operation: "Their businesses grew from very small start-ups to multimillion-dollar corporations."
2. Primarily in the U.S., newly successful people, businesses, etc.: "A few years ago, several guys had successful start-ups with their internet companies."
upstart (UP start") (noun)
Someone who has gained sudden wealth, power or influence; but who has either not gained social acceptance or has become arrogant or presumptuous: "She is a young upstart from a local university who thinks she knows more than the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of our company."
upstarts (UP starts") (noun)
People of humble origins who attain sudden wealth, power, or importance; especially, those who are made immodest or presumptuous by the changes: "Simply because these upstarts got rich very quickly with their new computer site doesn't necessarily mean that they will continue to rake in the money for very long."

The political upstart used a special grant from the government as start-up money for a new business. There were rumors about the uncouth upstarts whose start-ups were making huge fortunes.