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supernatural, unnatural
supernatural (soo" puhr NACH uhr uhl) (adjective)
1. That which is unusual and appears to depart from the laws of nature: "There was a supernatural glow in the sky that the astronomers could not explain."
2. An existence that is outside the visible or observable environment: "Ghosts are often thought to be supernatural beings because they lack the physical compositions of normal people."
unnatural (uhn NACH uhr uhl) (adjective)
1. Lacking ease, contrived: "Henrietta’s manners seemed awkward and unnatural despite being among her friends."
2. Inconsistent with the normal expectations of events or feelings: "It seemed unnatural to be picking apples this late in the season."

"Sam's degree of frustration seemed unnatural for the situation involving a flat tire."

When Stanley went to interview the famous psychic, he felt very unnatural because it was difficult for him to understand what others believe to be supernatural.

unnatural (adjective), more unnatural, most unnatural
1. Referring to something which is not in agreement with a normal procedure of events: Throwing away money can be stated as being an unnatural thing to do, in addition to being very unwise and foolish.
2. Concerning the lack of being in accordance with a person's feelings or conduct: Clint was so unsure of being chairman at the meeting that his manners and bearing were totally unnatural and stiff.
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(an abnormal desire to eat "unnatural" things for food)