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disinterested, uninterested
disinterested (dis IN trist id) (adjective)
Unbiased, impartial, unprejudiced; not personally involved; not influenced by personal feelings, opinions, or concerns: A disinterested third party mediated the dispute in a disinterested pursuit of the truth.

We need a disinterested party to settle the argument.

A judge must be disinterested in the cases he or she tries if a fair outcome is to be achieved.

uninterested (un IN trist id) (adjective)
Bored, indifferent, lacking interest; not wanting to learn more about something nor to become involved in certain things: Dolly was obviously uninterested in Chase's discussion of vocabulary.

Emil said he likes music but that he is uninterested in doing any art work.

Vincent is afraid he is uninterested in the new novel that tells the tale of the seemingly disinterested person who served on the jury, but who was really a spy for the prosecution who was determined to get a conviction.