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unexceptionable (adjective), more unexceptionable, most unexceptionable
Not susceptible to reproach or objection: After the recital, the audience applauded and the critics commented on Mary's unexceptionable and faultless interpretation of Bach's Invention No. 1.
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unexceptionable, unexceptional
unexceptionable (uhn" ik SEP shuh nuh buhl) (adjective)
Not likely to cause an objection or offense, but it is usually used to describe something that is good but not outstanding or excellent: The work she did for the company was unexceptionable, however she was able to keep her position because she was dependable and always showed up for work on time.
unexceptional (uhn" ik SEP shuh nuhl) (adjective)
Usually not good, interesting, etc.: As an actress she was unexceptional, but as a singer, she had an exceptional voice.

As an unexceptional banker, she left much to be desired in terms of answering Mr. Smith's questions, however she was unexceptionable when it came to investment management.