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uncomplicate (uhn KAHM pli kayte") (verb), uncomplicates; uncomplicated; uncomplicating
1. To solve or to straighten out a mixed up situation with a simple solution: The students in class were all very loud so, to uncomplicate this problem, the teacher told them to get their books open to a short story and to answer questions about the contents and hand the results of their work to her before the period ended!
2. To be able to take care of a medical condition in an easy way: It was easy for the doctor to uncomplicate Jane’s sore throat because all she needed was a medicinal fluid to gargle with. vacate
uncomplicated (adjective), more uncomplicated, most uncomplicated
1. Characteristic of being simple or direct and straightforward: Jason was an uncomplicated supervisor who was greatly appreciated by those who worked with him.
2. Descriptive of having an easy to accomplish medical treatment: When Mildred fell down and skinned her knee, her doctor was able to provide the proper medication and bandage that made it possible for it to heal so she could walk properly again.
3. Etymology: from un, "not" + com, "together" + plicare, "to fold".
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Etymology: un-, com-, and plicare with other forms which include plic, plicat, plicit, pli, ply, plex, ple, pleat, play, ploy, and plicity.

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