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unbifurcate (uhn BIGH fuhr kayt") (verb), unbifurcates; unbifurcated; unbifurcating
To change from wearing pants, trousers, or slacks to wearing outfits or apparel consisting of robes, gowns, skirts, or even dresses: After he moved to a hot country, Jamie decided to unbifurcate his wardrobe to more comfortable Scottish kilts which were cooler to wear in the extreme heat.

If anyone wants to unbifurcate his or her garments, there are many styles from around the world as indicated in the following:

  • Kilts, skirt-like garments, usually worn by men in the Scottish Highlands.
  • Cassocks, long, robe-like clothing worn by members of the Catholic clergy.
  • Fustanellas, short pleated skirts of white cloth worn by men in Greece and Albania.
  • Hakamas, Japanese outer attire, worn by men and women, both of which have pleated, skirt-like appearances.
  • Kimonos, loose, wide-sleeved robes, fastened at the waist with a wide sash, worn by men and women in Japan.
  • Thobes, loose, long-sleeved, ankle-length wearing apparel for men, worn in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and other countries in that geographical area.

—These examples and many more are identified in: M.U.Gs Around the World,
"Examples of the many unbifurcated garments worn by men around the world."
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