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1. A portable, collapsible divice for protection against the sun, rain, and snow consisting of a fabric canopy mounted on a sliding framework of ribs radiating from a central rod.
2. Something that covers or protects, as military aircraft shielding ground operations.
3. Something that encompasses or covers many different elements or groups.
4. In zoology, the contractile, gelatinous, rounded mass constituting the major part of the body of most jellyfish.
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umbrella, parasol, sombrero
umbrella (uhm BREL uh) (noun)
1. A device that is used for protection from the rain and sun consisting of a circle of fabric attached to a folding frame that is connected to a central pole or handle: "It is best to take an umbrella when you go out in the rain."
2. A group or organization that includes many smaller groups: "Several stores spread throughout the country are part of this umbrella corporation."
3. Something that includes several or many different things: "This umbrella policy that I have includes liability insurance, car insurance, and household insurance."
parasol (PAR uh sawhl", PAR uh sahl") (noun)
A light umbrella which can be used to protect oneself from the sun: "My mother gave me her parasol when I went on the summer picnic."
sombrero (sahm BRAIR oh, suhm BRAIR oh) (noun)
A type of hat with a very wide brim that is often worn in Mexico and in the southwestern United States to protect the user from the sun: "He always wears his sombrero when he goes out during the hot summer weather."

A man wearing a large sombrero walked down the street with a friend who was carrying a colorful parasol.

They appeared to be going to the meeting of the umbrella organization representing small agencies which were protesting high taxes.

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