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umbrage (UHM brij) (s) (noun), umbrages (pl)
1. Offense, resentment; annoyance; displeasure: Professors and students took umbrage at the implication that colleges are filling their heads mostly with trivia.

The expression "take umbrage" or "take offence" arises from a metaphorical extension of "shadow" to "suspicion", which took place in French.

2. The slightest indication or vaguest feeling of suspicion, doubt, hostility, or the like: When Susan’s husband called up and said that he had to work late at the office again, she took umbrage and was very disturbed because she suspected that another woman was involved in his repeated delays in arriving home.
3. Something that provides shade or a shadow: There are leaves that provide umbrage; such as, the foliage of trees.
4. A vague or shadowy shape or simply an indication; a hint: Shirley had an umbrage, or an inkling, that Steven was going to ask her to marry him because she saw that he had a small present for her which he had bought at a jewelry store.
5. A shadowy appearance of something: When looking out of the living room window that night, Alice thought she saw an umbrage of a man emerge from behind the bushes next to the garage.
Resentment that someone else has been successful.
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A feeling about another person's negative comments.
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