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turmoil (s) (noun), turmoils (pl)
1. A state of great confusion, disorder, and pandemonium: The classroom was full of turmoil; as, the extremely loud children were standing on tables, chairs were turned over, the blackboard was covered with drawings, etc. because the teacher came a half hour late to the class!
2. A disruptive event that causes wild and uncontrollable disturbances: The extreme commotion, created by the sudden cloudburst in front of the opera building after the performance, resulted in a big turmoil because so many people wanted to go home by taxi at the same time!
3. Etymology: perhaps an alteration of Middle French tremouille, "mill hopper", a reference to the hopper's constant motion of going back and forth, from Latin trimodia, "vessel containing three modii", from modius, "a Roman dry measure", related to modus, "measure".
Agitation, commotion, or extreme confusion.
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(Greek > Medical Latin: muscle spasm; to move violently; turmoil)