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turf, turf, turf
turf (TURF) (noun)
1. The top layer of soil and grass in a natural field or a sport's playing area: "The maintenance staff kept the turf smooth and even for the soccer players."
2. A track for horse racing: "We watched the horses cut up the turf as they raced around the track."
turf (TURF) (verb)
Primarily British: To remove forcefully: "After the customer had become rowdy, the owner decided to turf the customer out the door."
turf (TURF) (noun)
1. An area or a place that is controlled by a group who feel that it is their home: "Our basketball team beat their opponents on their own turf."
2. The territory or portion of a city that is claimed by a gang for its activities: "The gang leader sent a message to the other gang saying that if they know what's good for them, they will stay out of his turf."
3. In a figurative sense, dealing with an unfamiliar subject: "In the first chapter of his book, the writer seems to be presenting information about a topic which is on unfamiliar turf for him."

The turf for the local gang seemed to be the turf at the local race track; however, when the gang members swaggered into the club house, they seemed to be on very unfamiliar turf and the bouncer was able to turf them out without much trouble.