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stumble, stumble, tumble, tumble
stumble (STUHM buhl) (verb)
1. To make an error or to act in a wayward manner; to commit a sin: If Rick continues to go to the horse races, he will stumble in his commitment to stop gambling.
2. To trip or to walk in an unsteady manner: It is difficult to walk on the brick street and Kathryn is afraid that she is going to stumble and seriously hurt herself.
3. To speak in an awkward or hesitating manner: The political speaker is afraid that he will stumble over his words if he doesn't practice his speech this afternoon.
4. To come across something unexpectedly: By reading the police reports, it was clear James would stumble about the truth regarding the bank robbery.
stumble (STUHM buhl) (noun)
The act or occasion of tripping: Because the horse cast a shoe, its walk was more like a stumble.
tumble (TUHM buhl) (noun)
1. An unexpected fall: Bill suffered a tumble when he missed the last step on the stairway to his apartment.
2. Suffering an unexpected defeat or downfall: The candidate's reputation experienced a tumble in the political polls.
tumble (TUHM buhl) (verb)
1. To roll downhill in a head over heels manner: The children lay on the grass and started to tumble all the way to the bottom of the decline.
2. To toss together in a confused mass: The chef was going to tumble the ingredients for the mixed salad while we watched.
3. To drop unexpectedly or to fall into potential ruin: The stock market started to tumble this year and many people lost their shirts.

Be careful not to stumble or you might tumble onto the ground.