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truncheon (s) (noun), truncheons (pl)
1. A short heavy stick carried by a police officer; a "billy club".
2. A baton carried as a symbol of rank or authority, a baton or a military staff of command.
3. The shaft of a spear or the shattered shaft of a spear.
4. A stout stem, as of a tree, with the branches trimmed off, to produce rapid growth. 5. Etymology: The "shaft of a spear", also "a short stick, a cudgel", from Old Norse French tronchon, Old French tronchon (11th century), "a piece cut off, a thick stick, a stump", from Vulgar Latin truncionem, from Latin truncus. The meaning "staff as a symbol of office" is recorded from 1575; the sense of "policeman's club" is recorded from 1880.
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