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truncate (TRUHNG kayt") (verb), truncates; truncated; truncating
1. To shorten something by cutting off or removing a part or to make shorter: A malformation or birth defect can truncate an arm or even a leg.
2. To decrease a presentation by making it briefer; especially, by removing the end of it: Television coverage of the soccer match was truncated by a technical fault.
3. To restrict the precision of a decimal number by limiting or dropping the digits to the right of the decimal point without rounding them: The numbers 1.4262 and 1.4887 can both be truncated to 1.4 by not rounding them off.
4. Etymology: from Latin truncare, "to cut short, to mutilate".
To cut off a part of or to shorten by cutting.
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To make something short as a TV program.
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