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trituration (s) (noun), triturations (pl)
1. The act of reducing to a fine powder by grinding, grating, bruising, etc.: The assistant cook was assigned the task of the trituration of spices for the fine food that was being prepared.
2. A condition of having been ground or rubbed into a fine powder: The chef used a stone mortar and pestle to create a trituration of fine herbs for the new recipe.
3. A pharmacologic medicinal mixture of powdered drugs prepared pharmaceutically: The druggist, Mr. Johnson, prepared a trituration which she instructed the patient to apply to the wound on her leg three times every day.
4. The mixing of an amalgam, usually of silver and mercury, for use in filling cavities in teeth: Dr. Jackson, the dentist, promised the trituration which she had compounded would not hurt the enamel on the adjacent teeth.