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strident, trident
strident (STRIGHD n't) (adjective)
1. Characterized by a loud, harsh, and discordant sound: "Our supervisor spoke in a strident manner as he shouted commands to the workers."
2. Commanding attention by creating an intrusive impression: "The posters on the building were strident as they exhorted the workers to strike against the factory."
trident (TRIGHD n't) (noun)
1. A spear with three prongs such as one that is used for fishing: "The hapless fisherman was trying to catch the fish using a trident."
2. In classical mythology, the three-pronged spear carried by the Greek sea god, Poseidon, or his Roman equivalent, Neptune: "The masthead of the ship represented Neptune carrying a trident."

The actor had a strident voice that was perfect for his part as Poseidon when he entered the stage carrying a trident.

1. An instrument or weapon with three prongs; especially, a three-pronged fish-spear or sceptre as the attribute of the sea-god Poseidon or Neptune, also figured as borne by Britannia.
2. A three-pronged spear used by the retiarius in ancient Roman gladiatorial combats.
3. Applied to something resembling a trident in shape or configuration, as a three-pronged fork, a piece of land with three promontories.
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