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triangle (try-AN-guhl) (s) (noun), triangles (pl)
A figure or object that has three corners and three sides: Maxwell's mother was cutting the sandwiches for her guests into triangles.
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deltopectoral triangle (s) (noun), deltopectoral triangles (pl)
An anatomic triangle formed by the clavicle (bone extending from the breastbone, sternum, at the base of the front of the neck to the shoulder), the deltoid, and the pectoralis major (a skeletal muscle that rotates the arm): The deltopectoral triangle or "clavipectoral triangle" contains the cephalic vein which is a large vein of the arm that empties blood into the axillary (armpit) vein.
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spherical triangle
1. A spherical polygon that has three sides with three intersecting great circular arcs.
2. A triangle the three sides of which are arcs of great circles intersecting.
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A three-sided figure that can take several shapes.

In general, it has three inside angles, which add up to 180 degrees. Triangles are divided into three basic types: obtuse, right, and acute; triangles named by the characteristics of their sides are equilateral (all sides or faces equal), isosceles (two sides of equal length), and scalene (three sides of different lengths).

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