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(Greek: heal, cure; treatment; service done to the sick, [a waiting on])
(it holds back human and economic development)
(tearing or injuring the meniscus of the knee and possible therapy)
(Greek: hospital, infirmary; place for the treatment of diseases)
(therapeutic applications to the feet for greater health)
(using plants; such as, algae to clean up waste water)
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amalgam treatment (s) (noun), amalgam treatments (pl)
The process of extracting metal from ore using chemicals; such as, mercury: The mine engineers attempted to design an amalgam treatment that would not harm the environment; in other words, developing a metal extraction process that did not rely on toxic substances.
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electric-light treatment, electric light treatment
The therapeutic application of electric light by means of cabinets in which the patient sits with the light directed on the affected body part.

Its therapeutic effect depends on the heat from the electric lights.

electroconvulsive therapy, electroconvulsive treatment, ECT (s); electroconvulsive therapies, electroconvulsive treatments, ECTs (pl) (nouns)
1. The induction of a brief convulsion by passing an electric current through the brain for the treatment of affective disorders; especially, in patients resistant to psychoactive-drug therapy.

Electroconvulsive therapy is primarily used when rapid definitive response is required for either medical or psychiatric reasons; such as, for a patient who is extremely suicidal and when the risks of other treatments outweigh the risk of ECT.

2. The use of an electric shock to produce convulsions.

There is a use for this type of treatment with specific types of mental illness; especially, if acute depression and suicidal intentions are present.

3. The use of controlled, measured doses of electric shock to induce convulsions.

Such convulsions can sometimes treat clinical depressions which can not be treated with medication.

electroshock therapy, electroshock treatment, EST
1. The passing of a small electric current through the brain to induce a seizure, used in the treatment of severe psychiatric disorders.
2. A treatment of certain mental disorders by passing an electric current of 85-110 volts through the brain.
3. The use of electric current to produce unconsciousness or convulsions in the treatment of psychotic disorders; especially, depressive disorders.
4. The induction of convulsive seizures by the passing of an electric current through the brain.

It is sometimes used in the treatment of acute depression.

palliative treatment (s) (noun), palliative treatments (pl)
Therapy that is designed to relieve or to reduce the intensity of uncomfortable symptoms of an ailment but not to produce a cure of it: Some kinds of palliative treatment include the use of narcotics to relieve pain in a patient who has advanced cancer, the creation of a colostomy to bypass an inoperable obstructing lesion of the bowel, and the debridement or the medical removal of dead, damaged, or infected tissue to improve the healing potential of the remaining healthy flesh in a patient.
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(leeches are bleeding their way back into the good graces of modern medical treatment as healers just as they did in ancient societies)
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Meniscal Damage and Treatment
Tearing or damaging the meniscus of the knee and possible therapy unit.