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traumatize (verb), traumatizes; traumatized; traumatizing
1. To cause a person to experience severe emotional shock or distress, often resulting in long-lasting psychological damage: The terrible car accident traumatized and shocked the family immensely.
2. To wound or to injure a tissue: During the surgical operation, Ginny's tissue on her wrist was traumatized by the incision and removal of the ganglion.
3. To subject someone to psychological suffering and distress: The stress of losing his job traumatized Jack and Jill tremendously because they had two small children, debts, and Jill didn't have a job at all! 4. To cause physical injury to someone: When Susan fell on the steps her ankle was traumatized and strained and she had to cool it with ice packs and have it raised on a pillow for quite a while.

The mosquitos bites that traumatized Carol were so painful that she never wanted to go camping again!