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transmission (trans MISH uhn, tranz MISH uhn) (s) (noun), transmissions (pl)
1. The movement or transfer of electric energy over an interconnected group of lines and associated equipment: The workers for the local hydroelectric company worked hard after the storm to ensure an uninterrupted transmission of power to the community.
2. The transferring of of a disease or condition; such as, a virus, from one person to another: The doctors were striving to vaccinate the local population in order to control the risk of the transmission of the influenza among the people.
3. The system of gears by which power is conveyed from the engine of an automobile, or other motor vehicle, to the driving axle or axles: Because he failed to follow the maintenance schedule suggested by the manufacturer, the transmission in Frank's car was not working properly and so he was obliged to go to a garage for repairs.
4. The act or process of sending something; especially, radio signals, radio or television broadcasts, or data: The transmission of the king's speech was arranged by the company that owned the necessary equipment and the presentation was heard throughout the country.
5. The act of transferring a message electronically: Johanna was happy she could use the transmission of sending an e-mail from her computer to her sister in Canada, instead of waiting for a letter to get to her days later.
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electric power transmission (s) (noun), electric power transmissions (pl)
The large-scale production of electricity for various commercial, industrial, residential, and rural use, generally in places designed for that purpose: Although limited amounts of electricity can be generated in various ways, including chemical reactions (as in batteries) and engine-driven generators (as in automobiles and airplanes), electric power generation generally implies large-scale productions in stationary factories, or industrial sites, that are designed for that purpose.
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