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transfix (verb), transfixes; transfixed; transfixing
1. To pierce with or as if with a pointed weapon or other sharp object: In the movie, Fred saw an Indian transfix a cowboy by using a bow and arrow.
2. To render motionless, as with terror, amazement, or awe: The huge amount of snow which fell during the night completely transfixed little Max who saw it from his bedroom window when he woke up in the morning.
3. To shock or terrify somebody so much as to induce a momentary inability to move: The news that Alfred had an unknown brother living with a different family completely transfixed him.
4. To cut through a part of the body completely; such as, when amputating a bodily limb: The doctor had to completely transfix Jim's left hand because he had broken it so badly when he fell down on the ice.
To use a piercing look to hold someone in place.
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To hold or render someone motiontionless.
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